Sustainable Low-temperature Powder Coatings for Applying Sophisticated
Surface Finishes to Heat-sensitive Substrates.

IGP-RAPID® leaves plenty of scope for surfaces of any look and feel – from deep matt to silk gloss and from finely-structured haptics to surfaces in solid colors or with a shimmer effect. No matter what look you require, all our
powder coatings provide a durable and easy-clean surface.

Powder coatings protect objects made of wood and composite materials. With colors, special effects, and various textures, they provide lasting and distinctive esthetic appeal.

High adhesive strength

 The powder coating is sprayed around the entire object in one coat. After application, the curing procedure melts the powder coating. This produces a seamless coating that adheres strongly to the substrate and is extremely robust once it has finished drying through.

Design freedom

IGP-RAPID® can also be used to coat combinations of different materials. Thanks to all-round seamless coating, the powder coating also allows for sophisticated and complex geometries such as milled angles, rounded corners, and finger holes. That means maximum design freedom.

Solvent-free (VOC)

 IGP-RAPID® consists entirely of solid materials and is therefore solvent-free. The components emit no harmful vapors, meaning that the product complies with the ECO-BKP standard.

  • «With powder coating, we’re moving into new markets.»

    Serge Eggler
    Managing director of ecoleo and FPP manufacturing partner for wood professionals | Fust AG

The perfect solution for interior and exterior use

A finish that has long been established for metals is now available for use on other materials as well. As a durable and sustainable alternative to liquid varnish, this powder coating produces stunning results.

This process does not needlessly waste powder. In fact, 90 percent of the excess powder can be recovered. The shorter coating processes also ensure much lower energy consumption than conventional liquid varnishing. Thanks to seamless all-round coating, edges and surfaces can be coated in a single pass.

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